Monday, November 21, 2016

Black Lace Upon Obsidian

I have been wearing a purple-gray lipstick named Smoked Purple, as of late. I find it fits most of my moods and situations, currently.

This morning and into this early evening has been a bit of misadventure mixed with really good food. So, in all, there isn't too much to complain about.  If anything, I have learned quite a bit more about GPS tracking.


A few days ago, I was presented with a ring in your typical ring presentation type box. The kind that makes the ring look like it is sitting upon a pillowed cloud.  It is black as opposed to diamonds and glitz, but, would I have it any other way? Brutality and the inscription within its band is what matters.  Love for the dark at heart.

It, of course, has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with liberation.

Let the games and thorns of self-promise, begin.


(Image via thedeathofcool tumblr)
(Title: Via MAC aka Name of the color of lipstick I have been wearing, as of late)