Friday, November 26, 2010

On True Blood, My Favorite Character Is PTSD Terry

Last night was spent in a leather bar with my friend Basil, whom I've known since I was 17 having met him in the punk scene. Amidst the displays of spanking (it was, afterall, Spanksgiving at the bar), and an occasional brush of the leather utilikilt of a passing man, Basil and I huddled to trade the jewels of our lives as of late.

He inspires me. He always has. He also manages to validate me in a way I can't explain. Not just being from the midwest, but his entire way of living and being in the world.

Needless to say, it was a well needed evening.


It is November on the cusp of December. I feel tired and that I'm-never-warm-enough crave that always seems to hit this time of year is in my veins. I can feel the staleness of the ground under my feet while I walk around patches of snow, and I try not and take it personally: Every being has these seasons of internal reflection to build towards change- how could the earth and its seasons be any different?


Be well; be warm. Be facing forward with those you love while supporting yourself and each other in being the best people we can be and in having best lives we can have. There's so much going on under and upon our skin- holding and hearing the invisible just might be the answer.


(photo credit: bootstrapperboy on tumblr)