Saturday, May 28, 2011

Study Station Justification

I've been watching Ninas Mal under the premise of improving my auditory Spanish comprehension. The truth is, Ninas Mal is a soap opera set in Columbia that is on the MTV Spanish channel, Tres, and has stupidly catchy pop music and hot women in incredible amounts of lip gloss complaining about their lives. (See picture above for three of the characters. Adela, in the middle, is my favorite character.) The plot is thinly veiled porn, basically: A handful of rich girls do bad things that wind them up in front of a judge that sends them to a charm school run by a strict older house mother. Hair pulling, alliances between the girls that last roughly half an episode , a developing lesbian plot between two of the girls (not just for show!), eye rolls, and of course the forever winning combination of sleepovers with shirt-and-panties-as-pajamas, nighttime escapes, and revenge in the form of cotton candy pink nails gripping a crowbar and having at people's windshields.

In other words: Bone City. Putting my boner to the side, however, it really does trick me into paying insane amounts of attention to know exactly what is going on and helps reinforce verb conjugation and usage.

In other words: Double Bone City.

this is the main video played at the end of each show. I would pay to be the nerd in this video.


Friday, May 27, 2011

B.F. Skinner's Misunderstood Tenderness, or, Just Because I'm Dressed Like a Hot Dog Doesn't Mean I'm Not a Lady Gaga Impersonator

The woman I live with, who together with a friend of mine have an almost-three-year-old, is failing at politely hiding she is bothered that her son calls me "Da Da". He does not call his father 'Da Da'. I've watched over the few months I've lived here while she sits, frozen-smiled, trying to encourage the boy to say "Mama" (as if talking to her), or "Daddy" as if talking to the father. But, without fail, he will come to my bedroom door and announce "Da Da" until I come out. "That's right..can you say Mama??" she says, slightly stressed out. Staring at me he points and proclaims "Da Da".


The beauty of their expert eyes for apparitions : children are able to see things invisible to others.


photo credit: Weegee, who was a crime scene photographer in the 40s and 50s. Entitled "Their First Murder". It's a candid shot of the crowd- mostly kids- that gathered around a murder scene before the cops had arrived.